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5 attractive apps leading the way in UI design

We live in an increasingly visual culture, spending hours scrolling, swiping, and judging images of people, places and things. Short captions with limited character counts are accompanied by big images that tell most of the story, and an array of filters ensure that every image shared has the optimum aesthetic clout. We are so attuned to the aesthetically pleasing that unsurprisingly, UI designers are vying for position when it comes to producing the prettiest digital products. Here are 5 examples of attractive apps that will look great on any aesthetes home screen.

 1)      VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam allows creatives to edit, share and discover great images. Not only is the app itself aesthetically pleasing, but it’s output is as well. Users can opt to sign up to join the VSCO community, but the extensive photo editing tools are available to use whether you join or not. The app itself is minimal, intuitive, and provides access to a bank of great images taken by talented photographers: ideal for those who enjoy a scroll. VSCO Cam is proof that less is more when it comes to UI design.

 2)      SworkIt

SworkIt is a fitness app that offers a selection of great workouts for those looking to get in shape. The workouts are clearly organised, and short videos demonstrate how each exercise should be done so that users can be sure they’re getting the most out of their session. It’s a no frills app that allows workouts to be customised easily, goals to be selected, and progress tracked in one bright and intuitive interface.

3)      DuoLingo

DuoLingo is a free language learning app. Its bright and colourful design makes the process of learning feel fun and casual, and users can set themselves targets so that practicing becomes part of their routine. DuoLingo’s gamification of language learning is a great approach to education, and the smooth step-by-step teaching and testing process makes quick progression extremely straightforward and rewarding for budding linguists.

4)      HiyaCar

HiyaCar is a sharing economy solution for car sharing, connecting people that have vehicles with others in need of wheels for a day or two. The app allows users to search and book cars quickly and easily, and an interactive map shows the prices and locations of the vehicles available nearby. The grey and turquoise interface is nice to look at and easy to navigate, making car sharing a quick, straightforward and extremely viable method of getting from A to B.

5)      Human

Human is a super minimal activity tracker, which logs users’ movements within a day and lets them compare their activity with that of people nearby. It’s a fuss-free way of making sure you’re keeping active: thirty minutes of movement a day is the minimal recommended amount. The simple black interface is another great example of simple yet effective UI design, that lends itself to a handy app that does exactly what it intends.