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E1 8FA
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Annabel Karmel
With an incredible career, spanning 25 years, Annabel Karmel has pioneered the way families the
world over feed their babies and children.
As a mother of three, Annabel knows firsthand just how tough it can be to keep kids happy and
healthy, and so she took it upon herself to kickstart a food revolution.
Her tasty and trusty recipes have helped her become one of the UK's foremost experts on
children's nutrition, and the number one children's cookery author.
What We did
As one of our longstanding clients, Annabel is a valued partner of HIROLA.
We have been working with her since 2011, and in that time we have created three native iOS and Android apps, helping her educate and inspire families and children to eat healthier and find the joy in cooking together.
We continue to help Annabel improve her existing products and maximise user engagement.
How We did it
We're in frequent contact with Annabel and her team to guarantee her apps continue to reach their potential. And we also handle the administration and maintenance of her online platforms, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Strategy - UX Design - UI Design - iOS - Android
"We needed a team of mobile app experts who lived & breathed the latest trends, best practices & operating systems. HIROLA certainly matched all of our criteria forming an extension of our team with sound consultancy, innovative thinking & support".
Sarah Louise Smith, Head of Marketing & PR at Annabel Karmel
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