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E1 8FA
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Inclusive Trade provide a commerce distribution platform that allows remote communities to
generate a source of income from the fairtrade goods they produce.
What We did
We were tasked with developing an e-commerce site that enabled Inclusive Trade to run this valuable and worthwhile operation.

One of the key objectives was to keep logistical costs and time required to a minimum, due to remote nature of the communities and their limited data and internet access.
The site was created with the brand and fair trade at its heart, while ensuring an easy-to-use user interface and an enjoyable user experience. We made sure the site was optimised for selling, but not to the detriment of the brand's ethos; putting across the story of these communities was crucial, and adds value to each product sold.

Built on the Shopify engine, and using a number of third party API's to support the logistics, the e-commerce site was also complemented by a full content strategy.
How We did it
We have worked closely with the team at Inclusive Trade. It was important to understand the trials and tribulations faced by these remote communities, and how this technology can have such a far-reaching and positive impact.

Brand Strategy - UI Design - Commerce
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