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Max Kirsten does it all. An award-winning clinical hypnotherapist, addiction specialist, certified sleep coach, NLP master, success coach, and author, he's one impressive man.
He continues to hone his skills, practicing the latest techniques in cognitive hypnosis and advanced stress management and it hasn't gone unnoticed: He's held in high regard professionally and has worked with the likes of singer-songwriter Adele, and actors Ewan McGregor, Dougray Scott, and Tom Hardy.
What We did
We were approached by Max's team with a view to redesigning his existing smoking cessation app
The project involved adding new features and updating the old ones to keep the app in line with the enhancements to smartphone technology and our end goal was to increase user traction.
We set about accomplishing this by first designing an Android app to complement the existing iOS app, expanding Max's user base.
We then made it easier for Max's team to add, delete, and amend content, allowing them to refine the program and further improve the user experience.
Finally, we undertook some in-depth research to better understand the end user and to determine when and why they would experience cravings. By taking this human behaviour into account, we were able to better position the app to meet their needs.
How We did it
To successfully improve an already popular and effective app, we had to work closely with Max and his team.

In order to deliver this brief, we held regular meetings, ran user testing sessions, conducted online and offline research, poured over historic product data, and tapped into the client's knowledge and expertise.

User Research - UX Design - UI Design - iOS - Android
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